•    Three day Strategic Visioning Session
in partnership with the members of the
Colorado River Indian Tribes.
•    Oral history interviews of 62 former
Poston internees through a ​grant from
the National Park Service, Japanese
American Confinement Sites Grant
•    Relocation of a historic barrack from
​ Parker to Poston, Arizona.


.For more information on the Poston Community Alliance go to:


                                 www. postonpreservation.org


             Our Accomplishments

The following activities and projects have been completed:



The mission of the Poston Community Alliance is to preserve the stories, artifacts and historic structures of the Poston Concentration Camp located on the Colorado Indian River Tribes Reservation in Arizona. 


​Poston is one of ten confinement sites that held 18,000 incarcerated Japanese Americans during World War II and one of two sites occupying Native American land.  The Poston Community Alliance strives to achieve the following:

•    Restore existing historic structures located at the Poston 
Camp I Elementary School Site, now a National Historic
•    Build an interpretive center and museum.
•    Create a multicultural village to tell the stories of the
incarcerated Japanese Americans and the Native
Americans who shared a  desert home during World War II.
•    Provide educational materials, including media arts projects,
to inform the public of the Japanese American incarceration.