Artistic Vision

​For the Sake of the Children is a documentary film that explores the legacy of the Japanese American incarceration and how it affects today’s descendants.  Characters, including three generation of descendants, reveal stories that, until now, have never been told. As a third generation descendant, I urgently want to uncovers pieces of my family history that were not told to me as a youngster.  

This film serves as a vehicle for all descendants to become aware and understand their Japanese American heritage, family history and the social-political barriers faced during and after World War II.  Most importantly, this film serves as a cautionary tale for all Americans to uphold the Constitutional rights of all regardless of race, religion or socio-economic status. 

​While shedding light on a shameful piece of history, this film uplifts the audience by highlighting stories that travel the spectrum from disempowerment to empowerment as these Japanese Americans and others struggle to achieve the American dream.

Marlene Shigekawa is a film producer, director, screenwriter, book author and also a project director for the Poston Community Alliance.  For more information visit her website at: